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PILATES today is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. Pilates exercises are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints. This involves placing more emphasis on pelvic and scapular stabilization and integration of all the parts of the body into cohesion. As well, preparatory exercises, modifications and progressions allow the technique to be appropriate for many different body types and abilities, making it applicable to sport-specific training and everyday life. By the inclusion of modern principals of exercise science, Pilates is one of the safest and most effective methods of mindful movement available.
Studio A is furnished with professionally maintained STOTT PILATES equipment, including V2Max Plus Reformers and accessories, Cadillacs, Stability Chairs and Barrels. STOTT PILATES equipment is recognized as The Professional’s Choice by studios, fitness facilities and professionals and the consumer market worldwide. It is easy to use, providing access and opportunity to work your body in every plane of movement.

Jumpstart For New Clients Only

2 Private Sessions & 3 Classes $175.00

Pilates Specialized: This class takes all of the fundamentals of a Pilates Essentials class and bumps it up a notch. Pilates Specialized is designed for clients who have Pilates experience, and are ready for a more challenging workout. Sessions are held at a faster pace, and incorporate the intermediate Pilates repertoire. Additional apparatus are introduced, such as the jump board, Stability Chair and Bosu.

Pilates Happy Hour: Come and play! Pilates Happy Hour is a fun ‘cocktail” combining repertoire from both mat and reformer disciplines. Share the time with friends and leave in good spirits.


Pilates Pure & Simple: Support your changing body while keeping fit, strong and energized. Appropriate Mat and Reformer exercise adaptations are explored in innovative and beneficial ways. Movement considerations are given to provide a safe and effective workout throughout all three trimesters. Moms to Be will learn the benefits of traditional Matwork variations and select exercise modifications on the Reformer that will assist and support her as she prepares for birth. Share the experience and make some new friends along the way.


Pilates Reformer Cardio-Jump Class: Might as well JUMP! Have some fun with this special Pilates Cardio-Jump class!  We will pull out all the stops by utilizing the Reformers, Cardio Tramps, and small equipment.  Get a little sweaty, have some laughs and move, baby move!


Pilates Strength: Pilates Strength is a moderately paced class designed to combine the grace of Pilates Reformer with strength and power by utilizing small equipment, such as the Pilates Ring, Weighted Toning Balls, Flex Bands, and Stability Balls. This class will help tone your whole body, detoxify and leave you feeling awesome.


Pilates Flexibility: Flexibility of the body and mind.  This class utilizes the Pilates equipment and support props to elongate, strengthen and tone the physical body while adding special attention to breath, creating expansion and space throughout. Ahhh!