Yoga At Studio At Studio A Pilates & Yoga Dana Point, CA 92626
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Union, wellness, balance, confidence, peacefulness, alignment, focus, flow; there is no one word that describes yoga, nor the experience of yoga at Studio A. Through the breath, Yoga aims to calm, strengthen and purify the physical body, direct stress and anxiety to intention of the mind and invite peace and tranquility deep within our spirit. Dynamic movement or longer holds and unique sequencing work in harmony with awareness of the breath to release effort from the body allow a return to center, a clear perspective and invites pause in the now. In our daily living, dying and rising, we are reminded that on our mat, we belong to something greater. At Studio A, clients will feel challenged, but never overwhelmed and are encouraged to engage in a variety of classes designed to effort and return, lengthen and strengthen, to calm and correct, or to energize and revive.

Rise to Shine Yoga: Awaken your mind and body with this invigorating class that orchestrates breath with movement in a refreshing setting. Whether we work on flexibility or stability, uplifting or grounding, this class provides a physical and mental stretch to get you motivated and on the move. Each class takes on a fresh theme to keep you upbeat and focused. There is no better way to start your day!


Yoga Happy Hour: Yoga Happy Hour is as refreshing as a cool summer drink. Explore and have fun with new shapes and sequences that will send you off feeling lighthearted and joyful. Cheers!


Yoga Align & Flow: A vinyasa style class integrating mindful movement and steady attention to the breath, cultivating a deepened self-awareness through inquiry and exploration of the yoga postures. Postures are held for longer periods to emphasize proper alignment, build strength, and encourage movement from a place of intention. This class is suited for beginners to advanced practitioners alike seeking to enhance clarity, sustainability, attention, and presence in their practice.


Yoga Sculpt: Turn breakdowns into breakthroughs as you explore the common postures and transitions of the foundations of yoga. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from each dynamic, step-by-step pose as we move towards growth and new understanding of the harmony within your mind and body. This class will deconstruct postures and leave you feeling empowered with tools to tackle even the most difficult shapes. We turn your obstacles into opportunities and help you uncover the confidence within yourself to achieve the result you have always wanted.


Yoga Vinyasa: This class awakens the synchronization of breath with a continuous flow of postures to achieve strength, flexibility and relaxation. We bring physical awareness, mental consciousness and spiritual expansion into practice while maintaining the energetic flow and “meditation in motion” commonly found in a Vinyasa practice. Our instructors will break down the poses to ensure proper alignment so you can relax into the tranquil union of breath, movement and focus. Unique and intelligent sequencing provide variations for all levels allowing you to continuously challenge and deepen your practice. You will leave feeling light, balanced, and filled with a new zest for life.