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Sound Bath Ceremonies with Lexy

Friday 5/13 from 6:30-8pm: Honoring the name itself, “full flower moon” on the 16th to bring just that… a time to become more intimate with ourselves, going inward nourishing the nectar we’ve been honoring the last few months. Bringing your seed to life. Join Lexy in a gathering of energy to be held through the power of sound healing and meditation.

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Learn the simple self-care system designed to boost the body’s natural healing abilities to:

~ calm the mind and ease pain symptoms

~ improve heart rate variability

~ target fascia’s supportive qualities

~ restore joint centralization and stability

~ improve sensorimotor control and balance


The MELT Method is a preventative, proactive approach to effectively improve your sense of wellbeing to live a more active, healthy pain-free life.


4/23 12-2pm

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5/21 12-2pm

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6/25 12-2pm

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7/30 12-2pm

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Sound Bath And Cacao Ceremony with Nichole & Lexy

Friday 4/15 6:30-8pm

Join Nichole and Lexy for a Full Moon Cacao Ceremony designed to bring us back into balance in Honor of the Libra Full Moon. Using the power of cacao and healing sound vibrations, This ceremony will give you space to breathe, Balancing the energies of hard work and rest, as there cannot be one without the other. 

~ $45/person

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MELT® & Pilates For Pelvic Health

Whether it’s neck or low back pain you’ve been dealing with or post-pregnancy and aging issues like incontinence or prolapse, we’re going straight to the root of the issue—the pelvis—home to your root and your center of gravity.

This 3 week series will gradually build your practice and restore your pelvic region through our indirect before direct approach to self-care. Using both Pilates & The MELT Method, we’ll work to restore the resilience of your pelvic diaphragm and the weakest part of your hips. Getting to the root of pelvic pain and dysfunction will allow you to then start to reap the benefits of body-wide stability and resilience.

All Materials Furnished

A Three Week Series

~ 4/1/22 : 12-1:30pm

~ 4/8/22 : 12-1:30pm

~ 4/29/22 : 12-1:30pm

~ $90/person

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